Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spectrum within Spectrum

9 kHz – 275GHz is the spectrum issued as a source document by the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT).

Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity. In this session, we will discuss who administers the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; this is how we receive our Wi-Fi communications. The United States and most of the world switched over from analogue to digital; which freed up a large band area of 650 Megs of digital bandwidth from 50MHz – 700MHz. When compressed into fewer channels, this opens bandwidth allowing for more data transmission.
The National Telecommunication Information Administration (NTIA) allocates spectrum for Federal use within the United States Military, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), aeronautics, etc. and administers rights to broadcast over allocated frequency; this includes a bandplan.

The Federal Communications’ Commission is an independent regulatory agency that administers spectrum for non-federal allocations including personal, business, state, local governmental use within which is the Office of Engineering and Technology ( OET). The OET allocates the Table of Frequencies.
Guard Band refers to the unused white space between bands that curtails destructive interference.
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)--Broadcast only receivers cannot receive DAB+
Digital Audio Broadcasting + (DAB+)--the Digital Radio for broadcasting in several countries and is not forward compatible with DAB
Digital Media Broadcasting (DMB)--the first official mobile television in South Korea in 2005, took the place of FM radio; which can operate by satellite S-DMB or terrestrially T-DMB.

There is more to come about spectrum overall and how electromagnetic spectrum is allocated for use in communications.

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