Thursday, January 24, 2013

LED - Light Emitting Diodes

Discussion G3
Lesson: Light Emitting Diodes
LED with electroluminescence are semiconductor components encased in an epoxy lens in a circuit that produce light. Anvil and post are positive and negative, respectively. When forward biased switched-on, electrons recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons. These components are utilized in computers as indicators. LEDs are bright with a frequency range from ultraviolet through infrared. LEDs have an exponentially longer life than incandescent bulbs and consume much less energy.
Check out the infinite uses of LED technology.


Discussion F3
Lesson: ASCII Code
ASCII Code is a universal standard utilized in computing. The acronym ASCII means American Standard Code for Information Interchange. When you press a keyboard key, an interrupt signal is sent to the computer’s processor, which prioritizes your action and memorizes the sequence of each keystroke as a preference. The position of alphanumeric characters is predetermined by ASCII. With each keystroke a byte of memory is devoured.  (Count eight bits [0,1] to a byte.) When you type ‘shift A’, it translates to 01000001 and ‘lowercase a’ is 0110001. These zero and one sequences are the way your computer understands your preferences.
Please Google: ASCII to view the ASCII table which includes binary and hexadecimal translations for each keyboard key.