Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Internet Law

Discussion E3
Lesson: Internet Law
In the pink writing Informative Interesting Reading B³, we talked about the Internet. Today, we will discuss Internet Law. The HICAP Rule is, Never post anything online that you would not say or do in an international court of law’.
The best use of the Internet is for broadcasting. If there is anything that you want the world to know about, post in on the Internet.Conversely, if you want to keep a secret, tell the individual when you have a face-to-face visit.
The B³ Class Discussion, written in white, noted that every keystroke is recorded; this includes all e-mail transmissions. Because e-mail is date/time stamped and documents the sender and recipient's name and location; it is accepted in a court of law as legal documentation. Internet posts are traceable and track-able even if you utilize a moniker.
Internet encryption works for normal folk who don’t have the time, the patience nor the interest to decode. A person with a little more knowledge, and an even greater amount of time, can decode almost anything transmitted by the Internet.
Before cellular data capability, we called the computer  a PC; which means Personal Computer for a very good reason. Computers are for your personal use. And, the owner is personally responsible for all sites visited and the content stored on that computer. Therefore, be a good steward of anything transmitted and saved on your computer.
Your next lesson will cover: ASCII Codes

Friday, November 16, 2012

Discussion D3
Lesson: Periodic Table of Elements
There is a natural order of elements sequenced on the period table of elements, which combine to form every compound in existence. Each element has a unique Atomic Weight: Hydrogen = 1 and Oxygen = 7. The unit of measure for atomic weight is called mole for molecular. The table is exquisitely laid out and harmonically adheres to the Law of Octaves, proving that properties of elements periodically repeat when arranged by Atomic Number; that is why it is know as the Periodic Table of Elements.
The atomic number for gold is 79 and its symbol is Au. The atomic number means that gold is comprised of 79 electrons and 79 protons. The molecular weight of gold is 196.96657 rounded to 197. This theory was not respected until the acceptance of Valence Bonding Theory and the Octet Theory of Chemical Bonding. Proof of each element’s unique visual signature arrived with the introduction of Spectroscopy.
Centered on this methodic masterpiece, between the heavy metals on the left side of the table and the noble gases on the right, lie the semiconductors used to control the processes of computers. Silicon, written Si, is one of the first elements used for this purpose. The area where the majority of computer chips are manufactured in the US is called Silicon Valley, California.
Although co-created by Antoine-Laurent and Stanislao Cannizzaro, and published in 1869; Russian born Dmitri Mendeleev is known as the father of the Periodic Table. Mendelevium, written Md, is a radioactive rare earth element with an Atomic Number of 101 and Atomic Weight of 258; and is named for Mr. Mendeleev. Also, Mendelevium is the name of an impact crater on the Dark Side of the Moon. Mendeleev did an excellent job of identifying and saving space for with atomic numbers for elements not known at that time; and he also, wrote the Law of Periodicity.
Robert Bunson, who the Bunson Burner is named for; heated the elements and discovered that copper burns green, strontium burns red and potassium burns blue. This science is demonstrated in the spectacular firework displays that we enjoy.
To view more, Google: Periodic Table of Elements


Discussion C3
Lesson: Magnetism
Because the computer processes information magnetically, it is important not to have other magnets on or near your computer;this might cause a misread. When purchasing speakers for the computer, make sure that you purchase speakers that are shielded; these are made specifically for the computer. One way to tell if your speakers are shielded is to hold them near the monitor screen. If you notice that the monitor is slightly changing color, the speakers are not shielded.
Magnetism is a powerful force holding our universe together. If the earth was not enveloped in a magnetic field to protect it and us from exposure to merciless solar winds and radiation, we would not exist. The earth, also, has a magnetic core with convection columns extending to its surface. According to scientific theorists, earth’s inner core formed by accretion is a rotating sphere of solid metal growing approximately one millimeter per year with dendrite crystalline vortices tumbling and recording its surrounding magnetic field.
The South Atlantic Anomaly near Brazil stretching over a quarter of the earth’s surface is an area where the earth’s magnetic field has weakened. When the one billion dollar Hubble orbits above this area, sensitive instruments aboard are turned off to avoid damage.