Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harlem Internet Computer Access Program
Merle Bush, Educator/Author/Project Facilitator

Welcome to HICAP's Virtual Learning Lab brought to you in part through awards from the Internet Society and local officials. Here we share and demystify all the technological data garnered throughout the years.
Your enrollment in the Harlem Internet Computer Access Program marks one of the most important and significantly rewarding decisions of your life. Notably, computers and the Internet have permeated almost every aspect of modern existence. Although this technology is constantly evolving, what we will explore in HICAP is absolute.

Intro Discussion A3
The computer is a memory device. Each keystroke consumes one byte of information. There are eight bits to a byte. A bit is either a zero or a one. Zero means off and one means on. The ASCII Conversion Table shows the exact bit to byte combination that produces every character on the keyboard. The very top row of F keys on the keyboard, we call Function Keys. They used to be programmable, but they are currently programmed by the manufacturer.

In further discussions, we will explore the following:
data = information
            There is a minimum transfer rate for Broadband
            information = words, pictures, music, voice, video
computer = memory save/record data
            Binary Code—0 and 1; i/o; off/on; land/launch—the language computers understand
drives = store information
                        permanent memory = C: Drive
USB Drive® USB Port
RAM is random access memory when your are utilizing the Internet and is not permanent memory
keystroke = consumes one byte of memory
            ASCII Conversion Table—keystroke complement on the keyboard
Internet = send and receive transmitted data
Cloud Computing—saves remotely through the Internet
Acronyms and/or abbreviations: sms-small messaging service and mms-multimedia messaging service
Scientific Notation—manipulates very large and small numbers with the use of exponents/powers
B to the power of n, where n means the number—Bn
Byte = memory (suffix) 
Hertz = speed or frequency (suffix)
Preceded by the following prefix to create computer values. Example: 70 Kilobytes--70kb

—1,000     mega—1,000,000       giga—1,000,000,000              tera—1,000,000,000,000
3 zeros              6 zeros                         9 zeros                                     12 zeros
Your lessons are designed to stimulate investigation and research....