Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quantum Computing Qubits-Revisted

Qubits are part of the Extreme Computational Group. In the past, we discussed Qubits as being theoretical and unattainable. This is no longer true. Scientists have cracked the Qubit code by manipulating light to become a memory processor where bits are in the superposition state. Bits are either in the one position or the zero position. But, Qubits are both one and zero in a superposition parallel. By shooting super particles through cold condensate to slowed the light pulse down, we change light into matter. Light and atoms are able to store the same information. When the blue parent photon is slowed down; the result is two red photon daughters. This entangled superposition represents energy (times) direction (times) polarization. Thus, yielding three to the nth power instead of two to the nth power as in bits. The difference between bits and Qubits is exponential gain, which will speed up computational power to nearly the speed of light...very exciting!
More discussion to come…