Saturday, October 20, 2012

Opportunity to Wish Upon a Shooting Star

With no full moon to obscure tonight’s view of our planet traveling through the radiant shedding of icy fragments igniting through the night sky; this meteor shower  caused by the constellation Orion orbiting the sun promises to be a spectacular event.
Constellations Leo on November 17 and Gemini on December 13 are coming to display their firery works as we end this year.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Internet-Informative Reading

Last year on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away and India launched a new personal computer for $60 called Aakash.
Reading B3
From the abacus to virtual 3D systems, mankind has spent centuries in the quest of making computing easier. A computer is nothing more than any other device that has been fashioned to speed up numeric quantifying and record keeping. Computers are designed to do what the user desires. Your computer is not the Internet; your computer carries the Internet. As we discussed in prior lessons, the Internet is accessed by many devices other than the computer, such as cell phones, game consoles, etc.

What we now know as the Internet was funded by ARPAnet, which means Advance Research Projects Agency network. The purpose for this network was to expediently share scientific discoveries with educators. The first message was sent via the net in 1969 by a programmer, Charley Kline from UCLA to a host computer at the Stanford Research Institute; the University of California and the University of Utah round out the four initial participants to access the Internet.
Today, Google boasts a billion daily searches on its browser. The goal of the Internet Society is to assist in the provision of Internet access to seven billion people.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Discussion B3
The computer is memory device recording every consistent keystroke combination to subsequently be retrieved as a preference. Every keystroke consumes one byte of information. Computer capacity has gone from kilobytes to megabytes; now gigabytes and terabytes. 
Data is raw material existing in any form usable or non-usable. Information is usable data that has been given meaning and which answers—who, what, when, where. Knowledge is applied data and answers how. Understanding sparks synapses making links, answering why.  Wisdom is the appraisal of understanding. Only Wisdom assimilates the future in vision, in design and in creativity. Every other word highlighted in blue  refers to the past or to the present.